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MUN Club

This club is designed to provide an orientation to the activities of the United Nations, as well as to provide an understanding of the modalities of international diplomacy. This course will include current events, urgent international affairs, the foundations of international law, and some of the protocols and procedures of diplomacy.

Students will prepare for their role as distinguished diplomats at national and international conferences of the United Nations National Model, as they will have the opportunity to simulate the functions of the United Nations and discuss the main problems of the United Nations by attending different National and international conferences during the academic school year.

The Model UN club is designed to acquaint students with the operations of the United Nations through the study of political positions of member nations. Additionally, students should achieve a level of understanding in the use of simulation activities as a means for teaching and learning about the political perspectives of different nationalities on contemporary world issues.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Articulate the foreign policy of the selected country.
  • Define the structures and general procedures of the United Nations.
  • Describe important historical issues affecting the UN and evaluate the organization’s effectiveness.
  • Analyze an issue currently before the United Nations from the selected member nation’s perspective.
  • Understand and competently use the rules of procedure, diplomatic protocol, and negotiating techniques common to UN delegates.
  • Explain the rationale, format, and instructional methods of the Model United Nations simulation.