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Standardized Tests

Standardized Test

Standardized tests play an important role in the development and preparation of students for their school and university life. These tests allow evaluating and comparing the results obtained by the student in a controlled environment and with standard material, allowing the school to make academic planning decisions, recommending support programs with a view to creating the conditions so that students can recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and finally take advantage of them.

Among the standardized tests that are administered on campus are:

• CPAA: it is an adaptive diagnostic evaluation that should be used primarily as a teaching tool. This patented children’s program was designed at Columbia University and MIT.

The CPAA assessment is used in students from Pre-First to 2nd grade, to assess the learning process of children in English, Spanish and Mathematics.

• MAP Test: MAP assessments are virtual tests of adaptive performance in Mathematics and Reading for our students from 3rd grade to 6th Grade of Elementary School, providing us with the norm of student growth over time and processing detailed data in both areas.

• PSAT 8/9 and PSAT NMSQT: are standardized tests that are carried out annually in order to prepare students to take the SAT, used for college admissions in the United States. This exam is currently one of the most requested tests internationally to enter university, mainly in the United States, Europe, and Canada. The College Board, a nationally recognized American educational organization, creates, administers, and corrects the exam.

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Taking this test offers students the following benefits:

  • It exposes students to the type of questions and problems that are used by professors who teach at international universities.
  • It allows students to practice, in a real setting, the format of this type of standardized test.
  • Connects students with scholarship opportunities for summer programs at international universities, during their high school education.
  • Provides students with the opportunity to develop the skills required to earn a better score each year when taking the SAT.
  • The College Board report includes the grade achieved by the student in all the sections covered by the test. Based on this result, the student will be able to access personalized practices, which contributes to better preparation and to the selection of subjects from the AP Program (Advanced Placement) that are tailored to the student's profile.
  • It contributes to the fact that students are admitted to a larger number of international universities and that they obtain better scholarship opportunities for their university studies.