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esen + 1 (809) 533-4915

Early Childhood

Early Childhood

New Horizons Pre-School aims to contribute to the integral development of the child providing them with learning experiences and opportunities that strengthen their potential for a full and harmonious development based on the three human dimensions: Social-emotional, cognitive, and communicative.

Students are immersed in an environment that considers happiness, an adequate self-esteem, and a good education in values as the essential elements to promote the integral development of children at this stage.

Our activity schedules in the different grades include:

Creative drawing and writing, group meeting, small group and large group activities, Work Stations, gross and fine motor skills, sensory activities and development exercises, Story Time, Project Time, Work Centers, Music, Art, and Technology.

The Early Childhood level is integrated by five different grade-levels:

• Toddlers I: 9 moths to one-year-old
• Toddlers II: 2 years old
• Pre-Kinder: 3 years old
• Kinder: 4 years old
• Pre-First: 5 years old

In Pre-First, the CPAA assessment is administered to assess the progress of students in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics, the effectiveness of current programs, and the detection of needs for attention and individual follow-up that are required.

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“Education doesn’t change the world, it changes the people who will change the world.” – Paulo Freire.

Lic. Irka Taveras

Academic Director Campus Santiago