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New Horizons Bulldogs Training Restart

Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.

Taking into account the role of schools in the physical development of children and adolescents, considering the American Pediatric Association, the New Horizons Academy, once again makes its summer sports programs available until the end of July.

These camps offer various sports disciplines such as Badminton, Volleyball, Soccer, Gymnastics, and Basketball.

Based on the provisions of the country’s Ministry of Public Health, students and coaches must adhere to the protocols determined by the institution:

• Taking temperature and disinfecting hands and shoes at the entrance and exit of the facilities.
• Athletes will not be allowed to enter the sports facilities without their water bottles.
• Coaches should ensure that students, before and at the end of practice, wash their hands properly.
• The equipment will be disinfected before and after each training session.
• The use of the gym will not be allowed. The physical conditioning will be carried out in the space of the courts, respecting the distance.
• Athletes can be accompanied by only one adult, who must wear a mask at all times. Accompanying minors will not be allowed.
• Parents must be punctual when picking up athletes.
• The use of changing rooms will not be allowed, except as a bathroom and for washing hands. Athletes must come in training clothing from their homes.