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Math Club for Olympic Competitions

Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons math program enables our students to develop higher-level math reasoning abilities and strategies through a diverse and integrated program. The activities that are implemented favor the resolution of mathematical problems that involve the use of various approaches, which translate into the use of interpretation, reasoning, teamwork, use of online resources, logic, and computer programs.

The program fosters the connection of mathematics with other subject areas, as well as its impact on our lives. Our learning outcomes are defined to give students the necessary competencies for this 21st century. It is based on the Common Core standards, the MINERD Curriculum Design, and international standards for mathematics, such as those of the College Board.

Our program is flexible, allowing teachers to expand or adapt according to the abilities of their students. It also encompasses financial and business skills, allowing our students to participate at a competitive level in various activities nationwide.

During the school year, activities are included that challenge our students to put into practice all their skills such as:

  • Math RallyIt allows our elementary students to carry out various fun mathematical activities, which, at the same time, help them to use what they have learned and developed their skills and teamwork.
  • Olympic Mathematics ClubWith a special program, problem-solving processes are reinforced, in addition to the content of math Olympic type exams. This club starts from 3rd grade, where students are invited to participate, according to class performance and results of evaluations carried out at the beginning of the school year. From 7th to 12th grade, students are divided into special groups, allowing them to take advantage of math classes to cover the required subjects.
  • Caribou Math ContestThese are world competitions, which take place in a virtual environment. They are held six times during the school year. Students from 2nd to 12th grade participate in this type of activity.
  • NH Grand Prix of MathematicsCompetition at the intercollegiate level, which seeks to promote Olympic mathematics in our country. Students participate from 5th to 12th grade.
  • American Math Competition (AMC)These are a series of competitions that promote problem-solving, which seeks to identify the mathematical talents of students. These assessments are offered from 1st to 12th grade.
  • National Mathematics Olympiad of the Dominican RepublicThese are competitions that encourage students from all over the country, both from public and private schools, to compete in a healthy way. In addition, the contest seeks to support the scientific creativity of young talents to contribute to improving the quality of science teaching-learning in the country.
  • Banquero Joven PopularIt is a financial education and entrepreneurship program promoted by Banco Popular Dominicano with the collaboration of Junior Achievement Dominicana (JADOM). It presents participants with a competition between educational centers on business leadership and ethical practices in the banking business.