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esen + 1 (809) 533-4915

Estrellas / Mini Estrellas Group

Estrellas / Mini Estrellas is a program designed to promote the development of education at New Horizons Bilingual School by integrating concepts learned in the classrooms with their application in real-life situations.

The meaning of Estrellas comes from the acronym in English: Enterprising Students Take Responsibility for Encouraging the Long-Lasting Advancement of Society.

Students who participate in the Mini Estrellas group (starting in 4th grade) are exposed to interdisciplinary education strategies, oriented to teamwork, with the goal of expanding the horizons of each student. The Mini Estrellas members are mentored by high school students, who are members of the Estrellas group and are advised by teachers from our Staff. This participation is voluntary and does not interfere with the academic activities of the students.

Apart from its annual activities, the group will have as a permanent activity a color day as fundraising for Best Buddies R.D. which every year will be held in February as part of the activities that take place during this month.