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Debate Team

The Debate Club is an academic activity that offers a variety of benefits and develops a series of fundamental skills to become successful professionals. Students that engage in debate develop analytical, critical thinking, public speaking abilities, research, writing, summarizing, and effective communication skills in a way that very few, if any other activities can provide.

Students who become debaters are extremely well-qualified citizens who can understand, analyze, and design innovative solutions to complex problems.

Debaters learn to exchange ideas and to accept other points of view. New Horizons’ principles of excellence, flexibility, perseverance, and innovation are aligned with the skill-set needed for effective debate.

Students will be able to:

  • Manage the Public Forum format, etiquette, and general strategies.
  • Master basic case building.
  • Manage frameworks and definitions.
  • Apply advanced case building techniques.
  • Identify main fallacies.
  • Learn to adapt to judges.
  • Understand the National Speech and Debate Association topic selection process.