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Colegio Bilingüe
New Horizons
"Our strongest conviction is academic excellence"
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About Us

Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons is a multicultural school, with more than 35 nationalities represented among its students and teachers, so the richness of daily interactions allows our students to be citizens of the world.

The school is known for constantly upgrading its campus’ infrastructure, for acquiring the best possible technological resources to offer a better quality of service, and for excellent students’ performance in national academic contests. Our permanent commitment to quality and the improvement of future opportunities for our students, makes us constantly search for alternatives that respond to the needs and requirements of the modern world.

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Early Childhood

The New Horizons Preschool aims to contribute to the comprehensive development of the child, providing them with experiences and learning opportunities that enhance their abilities and skills to achieve a harmonious development process based on the three great dimensions of human development: socio-emotional, cognitive and of expression and communication.

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Elementary School

The primary focus of our Elementary School is the student in particular in relation to their peers, their community, their country, and the world, providing the tools for the empowerment and control of their learning process. We work with the Project-Based learning methodology, empowering student learning, and motivating them to search for solutions to the real problems of their daily lives.

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Middle School

In Middle School, the main objective is to achieve academic excellence by preparing critical, innovative, independent, flexible human beings with ethical and moral values. Our multicultural environment enhances and enriches our school experience, making it possible to recognize our diversity. Our school is structured to accommodate the developmental characteristics and unique needs of our students.

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High School

High School programs in English and Spanish include Language, Literature, History, Geography, Economics, Foreign Languages, Science and Art, as well as advanced courses (AP) in English, Spanish, History, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Computer Science.

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At Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons we guide our students to discover what they are passionate about, promoting not only excellence in the academic area but also the maximum social and emotional development of our students.


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